Study Abroad Opportunities

Semester Abroad Programs

These programs, which consist of structured group experiences, are formal University of Guelph semesters conducted overseas and coordinated by a Guelph faculty member. Past semester programs have been held in India, Guatemala, Krakow, London, Nice, Paris and Shanghai. Numerical grades will appear on the student transcript for courses completed during a semester abroad program.

Information on semester abroad offerings can be found on the Centre for International Programs' website.

Exchange Programs

Guelph has exchange agreements with over 100 partner institutions in over 30 countries! University of Guelph students who go on exchange take courses at one of Guelph's partner institutions abroad and transfer the credits back. The final grades appear as Outstanding Pass (OP), Pass (P) or Fail (F) on the Guelph transcript. Students pay Guelph tuition when they participate on an exchange. Exchanges are available in summer, fall and winter.

More information on exchanges can be found on the Centre for International Programs' website.

Summer field schools and field trip courses

Summer field school programs to India, Guatemala and Cuba will be offered in Summer 2015. More information on the summer field schools can be found on the Centre for International Programs' website.

Some departments offer short field trip courses in Canada or abroad. For example, AGR*2500 Field Trip in International Agriculture (usually in Costa Rica) and GEOG*4690 Geography Field Trip (in Canada or USA).

Letter of Permission (LOP)

The Letter of Permission is used in all other cases when a student plans to take courses at another institution in Canada or abroad, but not an exchange or through a UofG semester abroad. For example, a Guelph student who would like to take a summer course at another Canadian university or a student who has applied to participate in a study abroad program offered by another university in Canada can do so through a Letter of Permission. Courses taken while on LOP will appear on the Guelph transcript as CRD (credits) only. No actual grade will appear. Note that the University of Guelph accepts no responsibility for students studying on LOP.

For more information about the Letter of Permission and to apply, contact the BA counselling office.

IDEV work/study courses

Students can use international/local experience or research as a basis for receiving academic credit through unique individual work/study courses (IDEV*3200, IDEV*4190, IDEV* 4200).  See IDEV course offerings for more information.