Adam Sneyd

Adam Sneyd (photo)

Adam Sneyd is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science. He conducts research on the political economy of commodities and development, and is particularly interested in learning more about the dynamics of commodity politics across Africa south of the Sahara. His research also aims to better understand the new challenges that various commodity dependent African countries face in the areas of sustainability and development. Adam is currently studying the politics associated with 'responsibility' in Cameroon’s commodities sector. He has written two solely authored academic books on the politics of cotton. The first - Governing Cotton - focused on the challenges associated with cotton and poverty reduction across Sub-Saharan Africa. The second - Cotton - was published in 2016, and analyzed the global politics that envelop this important commodity. His academic articles have been published in journals including Third World Quarterly, Development and Change, and the Journal of Contemporary African Studies.

Adam has contributed analyses linked to his research program to the Financial Times magazine This is Africa, and to Think Africa Press and African Arguments. He has moderated a high-level panel at the World Trade Organization (WTO) on cotton in Africa, and is a member of the Academic and Scientific Advisory Council of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS). A detailed list of his papers, op-eds, analyses, policy briefs, book reviews and glossary articles can be found here.

Teaching Interests:

During the 2017/18 academic year, Adam will be instructing the Master's-level IDS Seminar, IDEV*6100, the IDS PhD-level core course on Theories and Debates in Development, IDEV*6800, POLS*6730 on the Politics of Development and Underdevelopment, and a third-year undergraduate course on the Political Economy of International Relations, POLS*3790. He tweets from @adamsneyd

See Adam's home department profile for further details.